Welcome to SlabWorks.

This is who we are

Concrete design is our passion. Starting from using a tupperware container and a milk carton, we began to refine our process of making plant pots until we produced a product that we are extremely proud of.

Months of research, cracked and broken prototypes, but finally success have all culminated into the SlabWorks brand and product that we provide today.

Our journey isn’t yet over, we plan on continually improving our products to give customers the plant pots they deserve.

(Bottom Middle:) Mark I, our first ever prototype. (Far right:) Mark II, changed to a square profile. (Far Left:) Mark III, our current model and most premium model yet.

We support local business

SlabWorks is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We want to collaborate with other small businesses in order to mutually grow, and help people with their own entrepreneurial dreams.

We encourage others to start their own businesses as we were encouraged by our role models here.